Times available: Now filling classes at 6, 9 am, 5, 6, & 7 pm.  Maximum of 16 per class!

AthleteFIT combines olympic and power lifting, circuit training, speed, agility, free weight strength work, HIIT, and other training modalities to create an exciting weight loss and fitness enhancement experience.

A few highlights of the AthleteFIT program:

  • Manageable Group Sizes – We are not all robots that do and move exactly as instructed.  There’s a need to be able to modify movements on the fly to reduce injury risk and increase gains.  I cannot imagine trying to do that in a group of 25-30.  We will be capping the class size at 16.
  • Time Management – Our sessions last a full 60 minutes.  A proper workout must include a full dynamic warm-up, a main workout, and cool down. Exercises that require the most focus and intensity are placed towards the beginning of the routine by utilizing our high intensity cardio circuit.  We then move into our strength circuit focusing on a different type of movement at each station.  Each day we will end our strength training with some type of core circuit.  By moving alternating between stability and movement in different planes we are able to train the core each day.  Once we have exhausted our bodies, a cool down stretch must not be ignored as we begin to prime our bodies for the next workout.  Can all that be accomplished in 30 minutes? Not a chance.
  • Progressive – We assess, re-assess and continue to asses insuring that you are constantly being challenged.  There are a variety of ways to modify an exercise to increase or decrease the demand it places on the body.  We want each athlete to be challenged in a safe progressive manner.
  • Functional - We train movements, not muscles.  While isolation bicep curls may produce some nice looking arms down the road, that time can be better spent training movements using a group of muscles acting together. That said, our exercise arsenal requires proper sequencing and timing of different body parts with a high level of coordination and balance.  We are right there to lower the learning curve and progress you through an exercise safely.

Are you ready to experience AthleteFIT?  Find a time below to try out  your first class